Hey! Im Ally! & I love watching TVB drama.
I am in love with Joyce Tang, Linda Chung, Niki Chow, Nancy Wu
Also in love with Bosco Wong & Raymond Lam.
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Met Linda Chung, Jason Chan, Myolie Wu, Edwin Siu, Kate Tsui and Ron Ng

"Why don’t I like you? Why don’t i get together with you? Because I’m an undercover. I don’t even know what will happen the next day, how can i promise you anything. Being together with me won’t give you happiness. The most important thing is, i don’t want you to have any danger because of me. Do you understand?" - Seed

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Line Walker (使徒行者), EP13

Ah Ting suspects that Bao Seed slept with On Lam.

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Rear Mirror 載得有情人 →


  • I really like the casts in the drama.
  • Louisa and Wayne became my new otp.
  • The ending was quite ok but I really wanted Anson and Sunday together.
  • YIUBBBB is sooo cuteeee. IF I ever see him on the street, I’ll pinch his chubby lil cheekssss.
  • I really hate Ben and Julia. I mean after going…



(How wide the heart is, the path will be just as wide. By letting go, we will then receive even more.)

— Anson (載得有情人 Rear Mirror EP20)

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Line Walker (使徒行者), EP03

Gambling Reactions

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