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"cause my heart still hurts"

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The ending to The Ultimate Addiction I can’t accept it! I’ve haven’t put so much feelings in a drama in a long time to be honest. This ending sucks! Well if you don’t watch the last five mins to it and stop at the Nancy and Bosco scene it would be a happy ending for. I regret watching the last five mins. If you are a Bosco x Nancy fan don’t watch the last five mins you’ll regret it. If Kate didn’t exist we would have such a cute happy family but no she ruins everything. Hating her even more after this :L Finally done watching 30 episode don’t actually know what to do after this. This dramas has become apart of life to some people including me hahah. Anyway if you haven’t watched The Ultimate Addiction you should defiantly go watch it now you will get addicted to it I’m not even kidding. You will also start hating Kate ahaha 

Finale tomorrow omgg

Okay The Ultimate Addiction has to have a happy ending! Nancy and Bosco need to get back together and Kate can just get lost lol since your blaming him for killing your dad right now why don’t you just leave them alone! Honestly though I just can’t believe Bosco can divorce a 120% wife for a women who pretty much has nothing special about her. Kate pretty much broke up a happy family and yes I do hate her character Gia. Hate how people are saying love is blind, yeah right their lives were perfect until Kate came into their live. Okay I’m done ranting over this. Fingers crossed for a happy ending tomorrow :D
Nancy x Bosco FTW!

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